Why MQ Platform

I need to bring M2M/IoT capabilities to our
product offerings…

MQ Platform

   Provides Machine Communication Fabric to connect between your machines and make them integration-ready in customer environment

   Provides frameworks for fast MachineAppTM development to augment your machines in customer environment

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Our machines should
become flexible ‘service
hubs’ at customer site to expand revenue

MQ Platform

   Provides Machine Communication Fabric to connect your machines to the cloud for application delivery

   Provides frameworks for scalable development, publishing, and management of MachineAppsTM based on your machines

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I want to empower our customers and ecosystems
to use and create their own machine-based

MQ Platform

   Allows you to publish functional interfaces to interact with customers’ business processes without having to expose internal API

   Provides intuitive MachineAppTM development environment for non-expert users

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I need to integrate disparate machines with dynamic processes to increase
our productivity…

MQ Platform

   Provides Machine Communication Fabric to connect between machines and make them an integral part of your business

   Uses service-oriented modeling approach to modularize your MachineAppTM components for flexibility and reusability in changing environments

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About MQIdentity

MQIdentity provides unique middleware technology to enable enterprise “Machine-to-Machine” (M2M) and “Internet of Things” (IoT) solutions powered by MachineAppsTMFIND OUT MORE

Our Vision
MachineAppsTM, as a new category of applications, will bring machines ever closer to business, removing silos between technologies and aligning them with professional practices, operational processes, and business outcomes.

White papers

Technology as a Service

A new software-enabled model, “Technology-as-a-Service”, is transforming how technology is developed, delivered, commercialized, and consumed. It will bring sustainable edge to technology providers and significant productivity gain to their customers.

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Personal Medical
Device TaaS

Today, medical devices are becoming more “personal” at an unprecedented rate. Leveraging what experts call the Internet of Everything (IoE) technologies, such devices hold the promise to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems in the next decade.

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MQ Blog

MQIdentity at IoT World Forum in Chicago

It is a honor this week to attend the IoT World Forum hosted by Cisco in Chicago. Of all the... Read More →
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